The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM created by Juliu Horvath, is a movement system based in circular and spherical awareness of the body  more specifically, the joints themselves. With specially designed equipment to assist the body in understanding these concepts, Gyrotonic exercises help to create a balance between the muscles, bones, organs and nerves which helps to relieve stagnation and stresses that can build up in our bodies. The Gyrotonic Pulley ab6dd52c941f956c5b42af255c5cf634Tower Combination Unit is the primary piece of equipment used in Gyrotonic exercise. The unique pulley tower system that offers uniform supportive resistance to the body in all ranges of motion. The pulley tower helps to traction joint space and create stability in three-dimensional ranges of motion.

• It embraces movement principles found in yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi.

• The circular, spiraling motions of the Gyrotonic Expansion System allow the user to increase spinal flexibility, stretch and strengthen muscles, decompresses joints and strengthen ligaments and connective tissues throughout the body.

• A powerful tool in cleansing and repairing the body, Gyrotonic Expansion System provides a complete workout.

• Gyrotonic movements satisfy a more traditional "gym-like" workout using weights, where Gyrokinesis exercises satisy a more yogic-type of workout.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is the most unique exercise and rehabilitation program available.

THE GYROTONIC PULLEY TOWER is the main piece of equipment used in a Gyrotonic session and is very flexible in its many uses, it is unlike any other conventional exercise machine. While most conventional machines provide linear or isolated patterns of movement which create uncoordinated strength, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM emphasizes multiple joint articulation (movement that crosses multiple joints in any given time). This strengthens the surrounding ligaments including their attachments in any given moment. The Tower uses weights connected to a cable pulley system, which provide an incredible range of motion able to work horizontally, vertically, laying down, standing up, or facing sideways. The weights can be used to challenge and support, and to create resistance. The Tower can be adjusted to meet the needs of people with varying body types and fitness levels. The exercises allow complete freedom of movement without jarring or stressing the joints. And the movement patterns that are performed (spinal, circular, undulating, rhythmical, etc.) are synchronized with the breath are natural, turbulent free and without interruption; creating a bridge between contraction and extension. Through rotating movement patterns of the joints, a balanced support system for the skeleton is created. Therefore, giving you unparalleled strength and agility in in the body as a whole.

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises work all of your muscles synergistically through integrated movement. Exercises help develop a balance of strength and flexibility, allowing you to access your full range of motion.

• Improved posture and core strength

• Increased whole body flexibility and coordination

• Advance cross-training for Athletes

• Keeps the body fluid and strong as you age

• Relief from lower back, shouder and neck pain and tension

• Injury prevention and rehabilitation

• Work with particular conditions of the spine and the neuro-muscular system, scholiosis, chronic pain and other condions

• Conditioning for all people of all ages and abilities Athletes: Golfers, Equestrians, Runners, Bicyclists, Gymnasts, Skaters and other athletes.

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises offer functional movement exercises for a variety of specific activities. Strengthen your golf or tennis swing, relieve lower back and joint pain and develop flexibility and strength.


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