"My Vision"

I have been fortunate to have been teaching and educating in California and Oregon for over 25 years and have owned and operated several Pilates and GYROTONIC® Studios for the past 20 years.

"With the combination of my personal style and exceptional professional training I enjoy being able to inform each client of their kinesthetic sensibility and enriching my students by teaching them how to incorporate body awareness and an ability to move naturally in their daily lives. My goal is to promote physical harmony and balance for people of all ages, My approach is intended to educate students so that they may have a greater ease of motion in their bodies in all aspects of their daily lives.  I truly feel I have done my job successfully when my students know the importance of proper breathing and body alignment, feel energized and are refreshed after a session."  

Always Arching and Curling, Kimberly



Kim's Story

Kim’s love of Yoga and Dance inspired her to begin studying Pilates in 1996 and then in 2000 she discovered the amazing work of the GYROTONIC®GYROKINESIS® Method.  After falling in love with the method of Gyrotonic and appreciating the benefits that it had on her body, mind and spirit she decided to become certified to teach this discipline so that her clients could benefit from this work as well. During her career, Kimberly has also had the opportunity to become a Certified GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer in which she leads pre-trainings to assist other students on their path to become Gyrotonic instructors themselves.


Experience and Education

Teaching Background 1996-present

  • Instructor/Owner, Symmetry In Motion, A GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Studio - Present 
  • Instructor/Owner, Inner Balance by the Sea, A Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® studio, in San Diego for over 12 years
  • Synergy Systems Fitness Studio - Pilates Instructor, San Diego CA .  Taught Pilates to all levels of clients. Assisted studio owner with her teacher training programs.
  • Pacific Athletic Club - Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor, Del Mar CA
  • The Sporting Club at the Aventine, Pilates Instructor, La Jolla CA
  • Rancho Santa Fe Community Center - taught Pilates Mat for 3 years
  • Rancho La Puerto Spa, Guest Pilates and Fitness Instructor, Tecate Mexico.  I was on on-call instructor at the world famous spa in Tecate, Mexico. When one of their permanent instructors was out I was called on to spend a week or a weekend training the live in guests. I was also called upon to lead hikes, teach stretch classes and assist with circuit training.


GYROTONIC® Foundation and ongoing yearly GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainings/updates, with primary teachings from the following Master Trainers from 2001-present:

  • Juliu Horvath, Creator and Founder of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®
  • Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin of In-Spiraling Motion in Santa Monica, CA
  • Master Trainer Barbara Schwartz of GYROTONIC® Los Angeles,
  • Master Trainer Magali Messac of Seattle GYROTONIC®
  • Master Trainer Emma Kingston of Center GYROTONIC® in Portland
  • GYROKINESIS® Training, In-Spiraling Motion with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin, Master Trainer Alicia Head, UP Studio and Master Trainer Emma Kingston of Center GYROTONIC®
  • GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Final Certification testing under the direct supervision of GYROTONIC® Creator and Founder. Julio Horvath, Miami Beach, FL 2004 & 2005
  • Obtained GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer Certification 2006 - 2009
  • Authorized and current GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer reinstated status Sept. 2019 under networking Master Trainer, Lisa Marie Goodwin

Pilates and Fitness Trainings

  • Long Beach Dance Conditioning Pilates Certification, Advances in Pilates Technique - 300 Hours Master Trainer Cathleen Murakami and Marie Jose’ Bloom, 2001 - 2003
  • Physical Mind Pilates Certification, Study of the Pilates Method of Exercise, completed Initiation 101 and Concentraion 101, 2000 - 2005
  • UCSD, San Diego California Certificate in Exercise Science 2000 - 2001
  • ACE Personal Trainer Certification 2001 - 2005
  • Attending yearly related on-going workshops, seminars, IDEA and fitness related conferences and updates throughout the years

Additional Specialized Trainings and Courses

  • GYROKINESIS® 3-day Breathing experience with Juliu Horvath in Munstertal, Germany (2019)
  • GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit Certification
  • GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board Certification
  • GYROTONIC® Applications for Golf Level 1 With David Rasmussen
  • GYROTONIC®, Pathways of The Shoulder, Hip and Spine with Master Trainer Angela Crowley
  • GYROKINESIS® Happy Moves, with Master Trainer Emma Kingston
  • GYROTONIC® Level 2 pre-training with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin
  • GYROTONIC® Shoulder, Pelvis & Spine Rehabilitation Course taught by Physical Therapist, Paul Horvath (Julio Horvath’s brother)
  • GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Applications for the Hip and Knee with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin
  • Essentials of Core Stability, LBDC taught by Diane Lee
  • Biomechanical Asymmetry Corrector Workshop, LBDC taught by Jean-Claude West
  • Gait Workshop, LBDC taught by Marie Jose’ Bloom
  • Osteoporosis Workshop, Physical Mind Institute
  • Resist-A-Ball Certification and STOTT Flexband Workshop with John Garey
  • Reebok Core Training Workshop with Lenita Anthony
  • Optimal Posture and Alignment course with Marie Jose’ Bloom
  • STOTT Reformer Ball course with Lauren DiGiulio Debeau
  • Scoliosis Anatomical Considerations with Karen Clippinger
  • The Sacrum with Madeline Black
  • Pilates for Chronic Pain with Brent Anderson of Polestar Pilates
  • Pilates and Scoliosis with Christine Romani-Ruby Scoliosis
  • Pilates Mat with Jillian Hessel
  • GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Updates are required in order to maintain your licensing and certification every two years for an Instructor and every year for a Pre-trainer.

Skills / Related interests

Kimberly is a Certified and Authorized GYROTONIC®  pre-trainer and over the years has led many GYROTONIC® teacher pre-trainings to assist other students in their journey in becoming a GYROTONIC® teacher. 

She has spent 20 years dancing with the following Dance Companies: Ballet Arte, San Diego CA; Evoke Dance Center, San Diego CA; Malashock Dance Company, San Diego CA and has a very strong and dedicated Yoga practice of over 20 years (primarily Ashtanga and Vinyasa).

Kimberly is very grateful to have continued and on-going studies under some of the most world reknown teachers in GYROTONIC® and Yoga for over 20 years such as Juliu Horvath, Alicia Head,  Lisa Marie Goodwin and Tim Miller. 

GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC® & Logo, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

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